About Color Recon

Founded in 2005 by Air Force Veteran Juan Rodriguez, Color Recon has served the Orlando community with manufacturer certified repairs for over a decade. With business focuses on safety, customer service, and honest repairs, we are eager to meet all customers with personally customized, industry certified service.

Color Recon is your auto reconditioning specialist in the Orlando area, offering high-quality auto body repair and reconditioning services. We are Orlando’s most trusted auto body shop serving the city with a 6,000 square-foot auto cosmetic shop, complete paint booth and state of the art equipment to better service your vehicles.

We offer best-value services that you can’t find anywhere else, bringing you experienced service from highly trained and duly certified technicians who specialize in making your vehicles look good as new, while never compromising safety.

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Color Recon’s Quality Guarantee

At Color Recon we are committed to the proper OEM repair of every vehicle. With the use of these certified practices, we are able to guarantee the quality of our OEM repairs for your vehicle’s lifetime. This protects you from any faulty equipment, parts, or work that body shops are known for. We put safety and quality at the forefront of every repair, never cutting corners to save money or time. Trust a shop that isn’t at the mercy of insurance companies.

The Color Recon Difference

Protecting the Consumer

From injuries to repairs, the process after an accident can be very painful and disruptive. While the insurance company may appear to be trying to help you out, they are generally looking out for themselves. The process they use is called steering. This is when they direct you toward their “preferred” shops set up through DRPs (Direct Repair Programs). This helps insurance companies save money by forcing aftermarket parts on unknowing consumers. At Color Recon we don’t stand for this undocumented fraud. We provide OEM repairs for our customers because the safety and performance of your vehicle is more important to us than a few extra bucks.

Consumer Rights

It is your right after an accident to have your vehicle repaired at a shop of your choice. The insurance companies “preferred” shops may be the cheapest alternative. However, these shops are often obligated to use aftermarket, subpar parts. These parts can be the difference in structural integrity when you get in an accident. Even a fraction of a difference in some timing aspects can often lead to compromised safety. Protect yourself and the ones around you with certified OEM repairs and parts.