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Shops Not “Preferred”

This is a word that is overused by insurance companies to describe businesses that they have signed contractual agreements with, due in large part to the fact that these businesses in turn send referrals to the insurance companies. “Direct Repair Program” (DRP) shops profit tremendously off every job they perform, and this is due in large part to their decision to use cheaper parts and/or skipping certain steps in order to push your vehicle out faster.

Wouldn’t you prefer a shop that not only uses the best parts, but also wants to ensure that your vehicle is repaired safely so as to prevent further problems? Color Recon is one of these shops that is not part of the Direct Repair Program, and wants the best for you and your vehicle; after all, it’s what drives your family, pets, and your future, and we want those to be protected as best as possible.

Higher Rates

Perhaps the biggest misconception is that shops like Color Recon charge significantly higher than those that the insurance provider sends you to. This is due to the fact that 99.9% of the time the initial insurance estimates aren’t complete. They are sending you to a shop with the belief that you’re getting a steal, but in fact you’ve not seen the full extent of the damages unless you’re being inspected by true professionals with certifications from major vehicle manufacturers. Because we have certifications, we use parts that are approved by the makers themselves, and don’t you want your vehicle repaired with approved parts instead of cheap ones?

Time To Repair

There’s an old saying that “Time is money”, and your time is precious. However, there are certain things that should be avoided in the intent to save time. Insurance companies will send you to shops that will churn out your vehicle in a very short time, but why do you think that is? During their work, they do the very minimum that it takes in order to repair your vehicle, and they cut tons of corners. This results in more wear and tear on your vehicle more quickly. While our times may be a couple days longer, we work with you to provide you the best mode of transportation during your vehicle’s stay with us. Time is important, but so is your safety.

Additional Parts and Procedures

One of the most absurd claims we hear from time to time is that non-preferred shops will find ways to tack on additional fees that weren’t there before. When your estimates are done by insurance providers, they are not as qualified as professional technicians. What results is that they only get a small look at the problem, and don’t look at potentially greater issues caused. The shops are then doing exactly as they are told, and will only repair what the estimator deemed important.

The flip side of that is an educated technician who sees that the collision may have caused an issue larger than cosmetics. Wouldn’t you want to have this fixed as part of the entire process and not break down the road? Have you ever had a front end collision and found that your tires continually wore out more quickly? Many “preferred” network shops don’t bother to check for alignment problems in cosmetic work, and you’ll pay for it in the long run. At Color Recon, we take a very in depth look at your vehicle and its needs; and while we may come back at a higher rate than the insurance company’s shop, it’s because we want to save you money in the long run.

If any of these concerns are some you’ve been having, you have now been educated as to the motives of the insurance companies. You’re now better prepared to make a great decision after an accident. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about how to avoid the DRP, please contact us at (407) 678-3368

About Color Recon

Founded by veteran Juan Rodriguez, Color Recon has been servicing the Orlando community for over 13 years. With a knack for quality repairs and customer service, Color Recon has become one of the industry leaders in certified repairs. Intently focused on manufacturer training and OEM parts, the technicians have all the experience, knowledge, and tools to get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, guaranteed.

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